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 Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership 

Argyll and Bute 

NHS Highland in Argyll and Bute and Argyll and Bute Council have integrated health and social care services in the form of a Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP).  The HSCP includes all health services, including contracted services (those that are purchased from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde) and all Adult and Children and Families social work.

The HSCP has an integrated management team structure and there is also an Integration Joint Board (IJB), which is the governance Board and has responsibility for the planning, resourcing and overseeing of the operational delivery of integrated services.  The membership of the IJB comprises elected councillors, NHS Highland Board members and a number of other members from a range of sectors and stakeholder groups including the Third Sector, Independent Sector, patients/service users, Trade Unions, staff and carers.  This wide ranging membership reflects the need to change the way we provide and access services, putting people at the heart of the process by operating as a single health and social care team at a local level. 

To assist with the integration of services the HSCP consulted at the end of 2015 with local communities, stakeholders, staff and patients/service users on its 3 year Strategic Plan (click here to view the report on this consultation).  This Plan was updated (click here to view final version) to reflect the comments and feedback received and provides a road map on the actions needed to shift our services and resources to ones which prioritise anticipatory care, preventative measures and the maintenance of health and wellbeing so that working together we can achieve our joint vision that: 'People in Argyll and Bute will live longer, healthier, independent lives'. 

The Scottish Government required that Health Boards and Local Authorities jointly prepare, consult and submit to Scottish Ministers an Integration Scheme by April 2015. This Scheme set out the key agreements that need to be reached in developing their integration arrangements.  Please click here to view a copy of the Integration Scheme for Argyll and Bute.

For general enquiries about Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership please call 01546 605659 or email  A document detailing the structures within the HSCP and its partner organisations can be viewed by clicking here.


HSCP Annual Performance Report

The HSCP's Annual Performance Report for 2016/17 has now been published and can be accessed by clicking here


Fit for the Future - Quality and Finance Plan 2017-19

The HSCP came into being in April 2016 and our Strategic Plan for 2016-19 set out local priorities in response to national policies and importantly takes account of what our local communities have said is important to them; reducing the need for emergency/urgent care, preventing ill health and maintaining health and wellbeing.

We are committed to keeping your local hospital at the heart of your local community but we do need to make sure that we have the right services in the right place at the right time.  We therefore need to change how services are delivered as, if we carry on delivering services as we are, then we will not be able to support the growing number of people who will need our services in the future.

For further information on this please click here. 


Communication & Engagement Guides

The HSCP recognises that first class communications and engagement is a key element in the delivery of health and social care services and effective communication and engagement plays a key role in supporting the HSCP to achieve its vision, ambitions and deliver on its key strategic objectives.

A series of guides have therefore been produced to provide guidance for the planning and designing of community and staff engagement.  The guides are seen as an additional tool for staff and the public and can be accessed by clicking here.


Struan & Cowal Community Redesign

The HSCP is carrying out an engagement and involvement process as part of the Struan and Cowal Community Redesign Project.  Please click here to find out more about the ongoing work.


Thomson Court Day Centre & Bute Community Redesign

The HSCP is carrying out an engagement and involvement process as part of the Thomson Court Day Centre & Bute Community Redesign Project.  Please click here to find out more about the ongoing work.


Lorn & Islands Hospital Planning for the Future Group

The Planning for the Future Group aims to:

• Ensure a high quality, person centred, sustainable and affordable emergency and elective model of service (in and out of hours) for the Oban, Lorn and Isles population.  The model will be in line with the Scottish Government’s 2020 Vision for Health & Social Care and the National Clinical Strategy for Scotland. 

• To understand the staffing requirements for the future and the associated skills needed to deliver a sustainable, high quality service at Lorn & Islands Hospital.

Click here to find out more about the work of the Group 


HSCP Financial Information

Audited annual accounts - 2015/16 view here, 2016/17 view here

Quality and Finance Plan - click here to view


Islay Health Services Review Implementation Group

Please click here for more information


Mull and Iona Health and Social Care

Please click here for more information


Integrated Care Fund

The Scottish Government is providing the ICF to Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) across Scotland over 3 years (2015-18) to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals. Argyll and Bute HSCP received £1.84 million for 2015/16 and also for year 2 (2016/17), of this £800,000 is directed to local communities across Argyll and Bute. For year 2, the methodology for allocation of funds to the 4 localities (Bute & Cowal, Helensburgh & Lomond, Mid Argyll, Islay and Kintyre, and Oban, Lorn and Isles) uses the NRAC (National Resource Allocation Committee) formula which takes account of all demographics so is slightly different from year 1.    

The key purpose of the ICF is to act as a catalyst for service change and to support local ideas and thinking that contribute to that service change, designed to shift the balance of care, rather than to maintain historic arrangements. In March 2016, the Scottish Government stated that “ICF can be more directly aligned to the delegated services in each partnership area. So, where partnerships have delegated functions beyond the minimum required by the legislation, ICF resources may now be used to support those activities, based on your local needs”. For us this means it now includes Children’s Services, whereas last year ICF was for adult services only. Ideas should continue to be based on local priorities and focus on prevention, early intervention, and care and support for people with complex and multiple conditions.

FAQs - click here to view

Latest press release - click here to view 

ICF Locality Allocation Year 2 2016-17 Guidance and Application Pack - C&B priority comms & engagement - click here to view


Patient Travel

Please click here to view a guide for your transport needs to get to your medical appointments in Argyll and Bute.