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Keep Well 


The Scottish Government has decided to disinvest in the national Keep Well programme resulting in all NHS Boards receiving a reduction of funding in 2015/16; a further reduction in 2016/17; before ending completely on 31st March 2017.

As a result of this it has been necessary for our local Keep Well areas to review their models of service delivery from April 2015.  Two pieces of work have taken place to help inform what this should be.

Firstly, an audit of attendance rates at scheduled clinics taking place in our local Keep Well areas highlighted that only a fairly low number of invited individuals actually took up the offer of a health check. Additionally, an evaluation of our Keep Well programme has been carried out over the past eight months, with the final report due to be published in coming weeks.  One of the key purposes for the evaluation was to look at how we could maintain and absorb the principles of the programme once the funding ended in March 2017.

A key finding from the evaluation has shown that the best uptake of client engagement has been in areas which did not have a structured clinic based approach.  On the basis of these findings the NHS Highland Keep Well programme has adopted a new holistic model of delivery, which will have a community development focus.  This approach will also involve ad-hoc health check delivery to vulnerable groups and the hard-to-reach cohort of people in order to support and encourage self management and/or increased independence.

One of the obvious benefits to us in moving away from the previous clinically structured approach is that we can invest in more practitioner time to better serve the needs of the communities and vulnerable groups we are trying to reach.  We are also planning to up-skill a range of other health improvement staff in the ethos of Keep Well, which should hopefully offer even more flexibility to reach and engage with our most disadvantaged population. 

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Further Information:

Angus MacKiggan 
Keep Well Coordinator 
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