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Adult Health and Wellbeing Profiles (2012) 

These profiles present data relating to the new operational geographical areas of NHS Highland after integration as of April 2012 of social and health care services in the Highland Local Authority area. Measures have been selected relevant to the health and well-being of adults and older people and do not include those specifically for the health of babies, infants and children (for these see our Children & Young People's Health & Wellbeing Profiles).

The profiles are based on measures that reflect each of four different categories (or themes) of health need: Wider determinants; Potential for health improvement; Health protection; Need for health & social care. There is an excel file for each of these categories and within each excel file, there are worksheets that present the measures in tabular form and where appropriate as charts. The measures are presented at the different geographical areas of interest: Operational Units/CHP; Areas; Districts/localities; Intermediate geography.

The user is requested to read the notes and caveats worksheet in each file (these can be printed) and read the footnotes under each table.

Commentaries and 1-page summaries(1) on the adult health profiles (2012) are also available for each operational unit/CHP:

North & West (177kb ) North & West (134kb )
South & Mid (186kb ) South & Mid (137kb )
Argyll & Bute (185kb ) Argyll & Bute (136kb )

(1) Caveat for 1-page summaries – these summaries and listings of ‘challenges’, ‘good practice’ and ‘areas for improvement’ are based on our own interpretation of the profiles. Any would-be users of these are encouraged to look at the profiles themselves which provide the full range of measures at various levels of detail.

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Interpretation of the data: