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 Physiotherapy - NHSH Highland 

01463 704000 

About the Service

If you have a problem with your joints, muscles or back please call (free phone)0800 917 9390.  This is a service to help point you in the right direction not a physiotherapy appointment line. You can get more information in the leaflet below or visit the NHS muscular skeletal zone website.


Physiotherapists work in many different areas within the hospital and community setting. The ultimate goal of physiotherapy is to help the patient become as independent and functional as possible regardless of their diagnosis.

A wide variety of conditions are included in our remit e.g.:

  • Respiratory therapy after major abdominal surgery
  • Exercise and mobility help after orthopaedic surgery or trauma
  • Cardiac rehabilitation after heart attack
  • Mobility and functional work with elderly patients
  • Rehabilitation for young adults after e.g. head injury
  • Rehabilitation after amputation
  • Oncology patients
  • Respiratory therapy and rehabilitation in Intensive Care and medical wards
  • Paediatric patients
  • General out-patients e.g. back pain, joint problems
  • Rehabilitation after stroke

In all these areas specific techniques e.g. exercise therapy, use of gym ball, hands on muscle facilitation, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy are applied by the physiotherapist to help the patient achieve their maximum potential.

After an initial assessment a treatment programme will be agreed on with patient orientated goals. These programmes are patient specific and are constantly reviewed and changed as the patient’s condition alters.

The physiotherapist is a valuable member of the multidisciplinary team and is involved in discharge planning, often attending home visits in conjunction with the Occupational Therapists. On discharge from hospital, out-patient treatment can be arranged locally to continue the rehabilitation of the patient if necessary.

This service is available in the following hospitals