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10/10/2017   |  Argyll & Bute; North & West Highland; South & Mid Highland; Raigmore 

Resilience – the theme for this year’s Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) conference is one that can infiltrate through everything we do whether it is health, community or even climate change.

This year speakers will talk on a variety of topics including public health, the NHS, communities and patients.

Everyone with an interest in research, development or innovation is welcome to attend the conference, which is being held at the Centre for Health Science in Inverness on Friday 24 November 2017.

To register to attend or to submit an abstract for presentation during the conference please email

Frances Hines, NHS Highland, RD&I Manager, said: “Resilience is a key theme and everyone is talking about it. For example if you look at the work going on for financial resilience, and how we can maintain quality while still making services sustainable will trickle down to what happens in departments and services.

“The NHS is going to have to change the way we work for a number of reasons and changes implemented will see that resilience coming through in the community. It’s a topic that opens up a number of possibilities.”

Keynote speakers this year include Dr Pete Seaman, Acting Director for Glasgow Centre for Population Health, who will be looking at public health and ‘the capacity for populations to ensure, adapt and generate new ways of thinking and functioning in the context of change, uncertainty or adversity’.

Jenny Campbell, Executive Coach for LifeTimesWork, focus will be resilience for the NHS, the need to reduce costs, redesign the ways it provides healthcare services while improving the health and well-being of patients.

The increasing focus placed on self-management by patients will be presented by Ruth Dorman, Chair of the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland and CEO of Deafblind Scotland. She will look at not only the benefits to patients health but also the financial benefits from this self management model.

Also speaking at the event will be Martine Scott, former Programme Manager of the Being Here Programme who will talk to resilience for remote and rural communities; and Dr Chris Johnstone, Resilience Specialist who will look at ‘resilience training’ for all.

Organisers are looking to follow on from the success of last year’s conference, which was fully subscribed in advance of the event and would encourage interested attendees to register now.

Laura Mcilhatton, RD&I Coordinator said: “Over the years the conference has certainly evolved and we are of course delighted that is proving to be so successful and well attended.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for people to showcase their work and tell us and the wider audience what is going on in their area of research, development or innovation. It can be a fascinating insight into projects and we are very much looking forward to it.”

Further information

Erin Greig 
Communications Manager 
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