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Open visiting in place at County Community Hospital 

08/09/2017   |  South & Mid Highland 

Visitors to the County Community Hospital in Invergordon can now visit anytime between the hours of 10.30-20.00 as part of a new open visiting plan that the hospital have put in place.

Julie Ransome, senior charge nurse for the hospital, explained that there are many positive outcomes for a patient when open, more flexible visiting is in place.

She said: “Support from family and friends can be a crucial part of the healing process and open visiting will help encourage the presence and participation of families and other partners and visitors in our patients care.”

Julie explained that protected mealtimes, 12.30-13.30 and 1700-1800, are still in place meaning that during these times patients can eat their meals without interruption and staff can focus on those who need assistance.

She added: “Protected mealtimes are key in ensuring our patients nutritional needs are being met, however, we also recognise that relatives and/or carers can be involved in their loved ones mealtimes and of course this will continue where appropriate.

“As a hospital we have been quite flexible when it comes to visiting but with these new open visiting hours in place I am hopeful that our patients, and their relatives, will see a benefit.”

Further information

Erin Greig 
Communications Manager 
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