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Healthier lifestyle support helps break obesity cancer link 

12/10/2017   |  Argyll & Bute; North & West Highland; South & Mid Highland; Raigmore 

‘Only a quarter of Scottish adults know that being overweight can increase the risk of developing cancer’ claims two leading charities this week.

With two of out three Scots now reportedly overweight, Obesity Action Scotland and Cancer Research UK launched a ‘Obesity and Cancer Awareness Week’ between 9-15 October to highlight the little known link between increased cancer risk and being overweight.

To support and help local people make the change towards adopting healthier lifestyles, as part of the awareness week public health specialists at NHS Highland have released a short video/film to promote the board’s healthy weight services.

It features a member of the public, Catriona, who has attended one of NHS Highland’s ‘Well Now’ courses. In the film, Catriona describes the benefits she got from the 6-8 week course and how it helped her to achieve a “new approach to life”.

Senior health improvement specialist, Fiona Clarke, said: “Many people struggle with their weight, and want things to be different. People will have their own reasons for making changes, and this may include improving their health.

“Whilst this information about cancer risk may be new, it doesn’t make weight management any easier. People often feel that dieting has failed them in the past and don’t know what to do next. ‘Well Now’ supports people to make changes that are right for them, and improve their health.”

Consultant in public health medicine, Rob Henderson, said: “With 50 per cent of us likely to develop some form of cancer in our lifetime, the good news is there’s much we can do to reduce our risk, including maintaining a healthy diet.

“The ‘Well Now’ course has been running in NHS Highland for over three years and we know that people who attend the course include more fruit and vegetable in their diet, eat more oily fish, and high fibre foods including pulses and nuts. All important changes which will help reduce cancer risk.”

To see Catriona’s video go to:    To find out more about health and wellbeing, including ‘Well Now’ courses, go to the NHS Highland website at  

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