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ConsultationsFrom time to time NHS Highland will feature consultations that are underway proposing changes in health or social care services.  Consultation exercises give all those who wish to express an opinion on a proposed area of work the opportunity to do so. NHS Highland undertake a number of consultations as do the Scottish Government and other statutory organisations.

National conversation on the future of health and social care - "Creating a healthier Scotland - what matters to you?"

From August 2015 to April 2016 the Scottish Government  held a national conversation on health and health and social care services in Scotland.

The summary report, detailing the key issues that have been raised since the process began last August, has now been published.

A series of events, online surveys and discussions groups led to this report, with people asked about their views around health and social care in Scotland. The reports notes that more than 9,000 people attended conversation events - with 240 taking place across Scotland.

The main themes that came out of the conversation were:
• The need for a greater focus on preventing illness
• The importance of mental health and wellbeing
• The themes of person-centred care, support to self-manage health and the importance of a holistic approach
• Increased awareness of the full range of social care services and how it benefits different people
• The need for more accessible and flexible services
• Recognition of the challenges ahead and the need to set clear priorities for the future.

The report is available here